Almost fifteen days had passed. She always used to come at 8.15 am. Never a minute late or early. Her sincerity, punctuality and dedication made me adore her even more. I had a hidden affection and warmth towards her. Sometimes I used to offer her ten rupees for breakfast but she held her head high and refused the money every time. “Mother has cooked for me, I will go home and have that food madam”.

It was 8.45am that day, I was waiting for her. It was unusual of her to come late. I was actually getting worried about her safety. Suddenly the bell rang. I hurried up and opened the door. She was standing their with drops of tears in her eyes and bruises all over her body. I asked her about the bruises but she kept quite and started working. I gave her medicine and some food. To my surprise she didn’t refused the food. Two days passed by, I notice some sort of engrossing grief in her eyes. One day I finally decided to visit her aunt’s place and inquire  into the matter. Her husband opened the door the me. She has lost weight and looked restless. I handed her the packet of apples that I had bought for her. After inquiring about her health, I directly asked her about her niece. I told her that few days back she had bruises on her body and now a days she looks quite sad.

“On Tuesday late night her elder brother came home all drunk. He started asking for money from his mother so that he could consume more alcohol. Being a poor widow she had nothing to offer. Suddenly he saw her sister’s cycle Which her father had gifted her five years back. Her father passed away in a road accident and since then she and her mother are working to run the family. Her brother took away the cycle and sold it. When she tried to stop him, he beaten her mercilessly.”

Fifteen days have passed by, my maid has completely recovered from dengue. From today she will start working again. She brought her niece as she wanted to say goodbye. Somehow I got deeply attached to this sixteen years old kid. I hold her hand and took her to my backyard. There was standing a pink bicycle and it had a name on it –“RANI”. The smile on her face and the tears in her eyes will always be the mostly valuable thing to me.

We all can afford to spread some positivity, care and happiness this Diwali. There are so many underprivileged children all around you local areas. Things like an ice-cream, a chocolate , some crackers, some new clothes,etc can actually  bring a smile on their face. Even if you cant afford to spend money, then also you can help a few children. Birla Sun Life has launch a campaign called A chance to fly. The whole idea is to tweet with the hashtag AChanceToFly and become a reason for bringing a smile on those innocent faces. Once the tweets fill the balloon outline, the children will be taken on a hot air. This maybe a life time opportunity for them. A small initiative my them which can be supported by us.



So I am really excited to share this news with you guys that I finally shifted to my own website. I actually love to blog and share my ideas with you lovely people but of lately I was in a dilemma whether to stay in WordPress or shift.I wanted to give my viewers better experiences with respect to quality, visual appearances, accessibility, etc. My new website is .I am very much excited, anxious and nervous about the response to this shift. I hope you guys will continue to support me as you have done in my past. I will be posting their on every Monday. Easy subscribe option will also be available and you will get a mail as soon as I upload a post. I will me waiting for you guys on my website. Click Here to visit my website.


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Twisting Ethnic Wear

Accessorizing can change you look completely. You can style a single dress in different ways just by playing with your jewellery pieces. But buying different accessories for different outfit can pinch your pocket. So today I am going to show you different ways in which can make the maximum use of the accessories you already owe.

Earrings – Here I have taken a silver jhumka. Not only does this piece glam up your traditional wear but also bring out your inner gypsy  when clubbed with western wear. The other way to use a basic jhumka is to use it as a maang tikka. I am absolutely in love with maang tikkas, as it  is the best accessory for your lehengas and sarees. But buying an expensive piece only for a particular occasion is not something that I am very much  fond of. Instead of this, you cam make your own maang tikkas. All you need is a jhumka(earring) and  some basic bobby pins.

Boho Necklace– I think every girl has a boho necklace in her jewellery collection. This necklaces are available from Instagram to street side stores. Yes, it does add some  hippie touch to your outfit instantly. But have you every thought of wearing this with your  traditional attires? If your answer is no, then let me show you how you can. Use the necklace as an anklet. Anklet on one foot is so out of the box yet stylish. It adds that extra bling and people would wonder what you are wearing. Let them keep guessing while you enjoy all the attention. The other was of wearing this necklace is as a head accessory. Don’t we take a deep pause when we ogle at models on the ramp flaunting those excavating hair accessories! Its time to create that look. Use this with a simple traditional dress for a marriage ceremony and you will grab those eyes without investing much on you outfit.

These  are the 5 ways in which you could use this two accessories. I hope you guys will try this look and if you do then don’t forget to share the pictures with me on Instagram. Much love to all my honeybees. Until next time, take care and keep smiling.


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Boyfriend’s Closet

Hey honeybees, how are you guys doing? The weekend is here again. So today I thought of sharing an outfit idea that wont burn a hole in your pocket. Casual outfits are the best thing and with little bit of styling it looks so dressed up and chic. During weekends we have so many plans, from movies to dinner in a newly opened restaurant, from brunch with your girlies to blind dates, etc. Like any other weekend you would want to look your best. So I have an outfit idea for you.

It’s time to invade your boyfriends’s closet and if you are single, then its time for you to invade your brother’s or sometimes even your father’s closet. As I was digging my brother’s wardrobe I found this check shirt. To be honest with you guys this shirt is little loose for me. But that is the whole idea behind this theme today. I styled my outfit according to the shirt. I went for a black tank top and some basic black jeans. I used the shirt as a jacket. I kept the accessories minimal. This DIY choker adds a biker chic touch to the whole look.





Shirt – Lee Cooper // Jeans- Bare Denim // Bag- Koovs // Choker- DIY // Shoes- Koovs.

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A Mysterious Lane

Sudder Street is located in between Esplanade and Indian Museum.The street starts exactly opposite to the Fire Brigade Headquarters on Free School Street. It is famous for its cheap hotels.  Foreign tourists often prefer staying at hotels in this street during their stay in Kolkata. As I was exploring the street, I came across this graffiti lane. Walls here in Kolkata are usually filled with  graffiti’s of political parties and  most of them are just political slogans. But seeing graffiti on the street of Kolkata came as a surprise to me. The entire wall on both the side of the lane were covered with brilliant graffiti. A complete new genre with modern art patterns and a prominent 3D art style which is something very new in this part of the world. However I was really disappointed after seeing the condition of this lane. People throw their garbage here and some even use it as an open toilet. I so feel that work like this should be appreciate so that artists like them get encouraged and we get to see more such amazing graffiti. This lane is right beside hotel Galaxy. So if you stay in Kolkata or you are planning to visit Kolkata then you should definitely give this a visit.585752

Outfit Courtesy

Top – Akkriti

Palazzo – Street Side Store

Dupatta – Big Bazaar

Bag – Big Bazaar

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Be Unique

“Why follow the crowd, when you can be unique?
Be yourself and disregard everyone’s critique.

Why not live at random and do the unexpected?
Make mistakes without the hate to say “I stand corrected.”

Why not follow your dreams and allow them to come true?
While you’re there, wander off in search of something new.

Why not have the courage to stand and speak your mind?
Be the first to take that step ahead for all mankind.

Why not dance off-beat while singing out of tune?
Let them laugh, yet never stop all through the afternoon.

Why not scream out loud and let yourself feel free?
And take a chance without the promise of a guarantee.

Why not take a left, when everyone goes right?
Make a choice and choose the black when they all choose the white.

Why not try to shine, instead of fading gray?
Be yourself and just be you, forgetting Them and They.”

– Live WeLL


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It has been pouring in Kolkata. This is the only time  when the city of joy is at its  optimistic form. Few find monsoon gloomy but I guess I have the soul of a Peacock(actually peahen according to my gender). The smell of mud, the sound of the thunder, the heavy rain coupled with strong wind gives me immense pleasure. Before I could realize a small turmoil takes place in my stomach. I start walking  though the nostalgic lane of memories. Some pleasant, some humorous and few bitter ones. But every memory holds a special place in my heart. Sitting on my verandah with a heart sinking thought that the passage of seasons somehow seems like a mocking indicator of the time lost.

“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it”

Monochrome finds its power in purity this season. The trend that never goes out of fashion is the amalgamation of black and white. This are  the most versatile colours and experimenting with them is blissful  event. Several looks can be created by using few pieces. This bohemian top from FOREVER 21 is the perfect piece to maximize your wardrobe’s versatility. Club it with the most basic black skinny jeans from your wordrobe. Choker is not only the flavour of the season but also the ideal accessory for all off shoulder dresses and tops. It somehow puts the whole look together.


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